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Landlord or Tenant, We Make Renting Simple!


Felicity has been in the business of property management for over 3 years. Originally servicing short-term rentals, it eventually became clear that a service local to Amsterdam was needed to help renters and landlords better connect.

Felicity Management is a property rental service that believes in fair prices for Homeowners and convenient open houses for Apartment Seekers, rather than stressing and dealing with high prices and individual appointments. Along with our multi-lingual team and unbeatable service our aim is to offer Apartment Seekers and Homeowners a one-stop shop rental platform.

Whether you’re a landlord looking to list, or an Apartment Seekers searching for the perfect home – Felicity has you covered.

Our open houses are ideal for Apartment Seekers browsing through our Apartment listings. See -> Apartment Seekers.

And for Homeowner looking to fill their property with tenants. For only 50% of first month’s rent, we do all the heavy lifting.  See -> Homeowners.

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